Everything is wonderful

Lovely read over someone’s thoughts whilst living in Estonia. I find that one must have lived in both Western and Eastern Europe to relate to much of what is written here, which is not a bad thing, it is always nice to come across thoughts that resonant with one’s own, to realise that these thoughts are not unique to you, and find others similar, but as yet, still in the box of things “I would never have thought of”.

“‘Why do you think we have such thick paper in the Soviet Union?’ she said. ‘Central office in Moscow demanded that a certain factory produced a certain amount in tons, and so it was easier to produce heavier paper than to produce more paper!’ The same was true for tins: the tin factories had targets of weight, which meant that the tins became absurdly heavy. The machine weights, too, she said, were about ten times their weight from those in the West: ‘Everything was very heavy!'”  Continue reading